Training and Consulting Services for Companies

The European Institute Foundation offers training and consulting services for companies, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These services are provided by the Foundation under the dedicated brand name Connect+

Connect+ offers training programs in four main subject areas: 

Legal Environment and Regulatory Requirements

Tax law, labor law, debt collection, public procurement, personal data protection, contract law, company law, real estate, medical law, pharmaceutical law, bankruptcy law, intellectual property law, mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring, public-private partnership, public finance, municipal economy, energy law, competition and consumer protection, environmental protection, public aid, EU funds, technologies, media, telecommunications, and others.

Innovative Team and Project Management

Innovations in business, assertiveness in management, Assessment and Development Center, team building and delegating tasks, improving leadership skills, handling difficult conversations with employees, managerial mediation, mentoring and motivating employees, creating and managing a project cycle, and others.

Business Communication and Public Relations Tools

Communication process, the use of non-verbal and verbal communication, establishing contact, openness in communication, providing feedback, recognizing barriers and distortions in communication, principles and techniques of assertiveness, persuasive communication, problem-solving models, etiquette in international business contacts, the specificity of business interactions with people representing other nations, intercultural stereotypes, intercultural negotiations, the art of self-presentation, public speaking, appearances in front of the camera, and others.

Software and Information Systems

Basic and advanced functions of operating systems, advanced functions of the Internet, social networks as a tool for promotion, the use of multimedia and computer graphics, modern software engineering, information security technologies.

The training process is divided into four stages

Each of the Connect+ training projects is preceded by a preliminary analysis. This step ensures that the workshop takes into account many factors that determine the specificity of our clients' industry. Training programs consider training needs, economic context, industry specificity, advancement level, group specificity, and company strategy.

Based on the initial analysis, a training program is prepared, and lecturers are proposed. Together with the client, we determine both the substantive and organizational details of the project.

Connect+ training sessions are conducted either at the client's premises or as an off-site training. The choice depends on the needs and capabilities of the client, although our many years of experience indicate the greater effectiveness of trainings held outside the company's headquarters. 

The training process concludes with a joint assessment conducted with the client. Its purpose is to verify whether the program objectives have been achieved and to gauge the level of satisfaction among the participants.