Local government and residents together for the benefit of the local community

Civil society is a distinct part of the social fabric, encompassing voluntarily created and interdependent organizations, groups, and individuals. It operates independently from the state but maintains strong connections, playing a vital role in bridging individual units with the government. Civil society enables the achievement of shared goals and the fulfillment of citizens' desires while serving as a counterbalance to state power. 

Within civil society, individuals are not only aware that pursuing their own interests necessitates cooperation with others, but they are also guided by principles of voluntarism and solidarity. This conviction fosters the belief that individual well-being is intertwined with the common good.

Civil society is, on the one hand, a set of ideas and, on the other hand, a set of certain forms of social self-organization in order to implement these ideas. In line with this second understanding of the concept, the European Institute implements projects projectsthat shape Polish, European and international civil society.