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Our goal is a Europe that is secure, competitive, fair, sustainable, and globally influential. For 18 years we have been participating in the European debate on many levels and in an interdisciplinary way. For the future of Europe.

The European Institute Foundation is an initiative created by individuals dedicated to addressing international issues and supporting Poland within Europe. The Foundation plays a key role in supporting educational programs, including non-formal education, with the intention of fostering civic engagement in Poland and Europe, as well as promoting entrepreneurship." 

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"Strong Poland in a United Europe - The European Institute Foundation!
The European Institute Foundation is a dynamic non-profit organization with a rich history. Since 2005, we have been dedicated to promoting Poland's development in Europe through various projects and initiatives. Our Foundation's goals encompass a wide range of activities, including science, education, informal education, youth cooperation, advocacy for freedom, human rights, and civil liberties, democracy development, European integration, societal contacts and cooperation, promotion and organization of volunteering, women's rights protection, and efforts towards gender equality. Additionally, we strive to mobilize professionals from science, culture, education, and business within Poland and abroad, supporting non-governmental organizations through technical assistance, training, information, and financial aid. At the European Institute Foundation, we organize expert debates, adult education projects, social entrepreneurship initiatives, and youth and student exchanges. Our seminars and educational courses, particularly focusing on informal education, play a crucial role in fulfilling our mission.
Collaboration lies at the core of our work, as we establish partnerships, secure grants, and engage in cooperation with various organizations and institutions to implement a diverse array of activities ranging from education and culture to social and economic innovations. By fostering cooperation, we believe that together, we can achieve even more."

18 years of operation

We have been participating in the European debate on many levels and in an interdisciplinary way for 18 years.


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Collaborating institutions


TDM 2000 International

Since 2011, the European Institute Pro Futuro Europae has been member of one of the most active federations of NGOs in the field of civic and youth projects, as well as vocational and adult education.



Associazione TDM 2000

An Italian organization active in the field of international youth cooperation and development. Today, TDM 2000 is widely recognized as one of the leading organizations in the field of international mobility and active citizenship.



Citizens of Europe

A network organization bringing together people from many countries who want to co-create European civil society together. A politically independent and not-for-profit network of people from all walks of life, open to all who see diversity as an opportunity.

Citizens of europe