Sports activities for children and young people. A place where sport unites hearts and creates community.

The European Sports Club, which has been operating at the European Institute Foundation since 2023, provides a dynamic platform for children and young people from the Krakow area who wish to actively participate in a variety of sports. The Club's activities focus on developing passions and skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

The European Sports Club is an amateur club where everyone has the chance to develop their abilities, regardless of experience level or age. The club's offer includes a variety of disciplines, incorporating themselves into a wide range of physical activities:
One of the key aspects of the European Sports Club's activities is to develop health awareness and support the creation of healthy habits among participants.

Our trainers and instructors are committed to imparting knowledge on healthy lifestyles. We organise workshops, talks and lectures that educate participants on the importance of physical activity, proper diet and general principles of preventive health care. We focus on a holistic approach, targeting both physical and mental development.

Through a variety of sporting activities, we inspire regular physical activity while developing healthy eating habits. We make sure that our activities not only challenge the body, but also promote mental balance.

The European Sports Club provides an inclusive space where differences are valued and sport becomes a tool for understanding, building bridges and countering intolerance, exclusion and xenophobia.

We aim to eliminate any barriers, both physical and social, that may hinder participation in sporting activities. Our training and events are tailored to meet a variety of needs and abilities, enabling every club member to fully engage and develop. At Europes Sports Club, we include immigrants by integrating them into our sports communities. We create a space where everyone can find their place and participate in a shared passion.