Think tank

Reliable Analysis of European Affairs

The Think Tank of the European Institute Foundation analyzes the complex challenges and opportunities facing the European Union. Our team comprises esteemed experts, scientists, and practitioners operating under the auspices of the European Institute Foundation. Together, we conduct in-depth research and provide valuable analyses in key areas such as economic integration, social cohesion, foreign policy, climate change, culture, and law. Through rigorous scientific research, our Think Tank aims to offer a unique perspective on critical issues within the European Union. By bridging the gap between the academic community and politics, our goal is to increase awareness among European Union citizens about the most significant issues impacting our continent.

Intellectual Dialogue and Cross-Division Cooperation

The Think Tank of the European Institute Foundation actively supports the intellectual community and fosters dialogue and cooperation. Through workshops, conferences, and round tables, we bring together experts, practitioners, and stakeholders to exchange views and produce comprehensive overview reports. Engaging in thought-provoking debates, we seek to better understand EU challenges and identify solutions that can strengthen Europe. We warmly invite you to participate in the ongoing dialogue on topics related to the European Union!