Integra Training commences in Skopje!

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of the Integra Training for Trainers in Skopje! The program is designed to pilot training methodologies as a key component of the Integra – Fostering Migrants Integration with crowdfunding take part in the training., with a goal to equip 20 youth educators with knowledge and skills to elevate the market-related competencies of young migrants through the application of non-formal education methodologies.

Comprising six interconnected modules, this training methodology functions as a cohesive unit, furnishing practical tools that empower both educators and young migrants. The aim is to foster growth and success by transferring knowledge through effective non-formal education strategies.

4 representatives of the Fundacja Instytut Europejski / The European Institute Foundation and Piotr Uhma, President of the Foundation and coordinator of the Integra – Fostering Migrants Integration with crowdfunding take part in the training.

Many thanks to Ampersand for organizing this fantastic event!

Conference Connessioni 2023 - Global Village of Social Committment

W listopadzie Aleksandra Kubica wzięła udział w europejskiej konferencji na Sardynii:Connessioni 2023 – Global Village of Social Committmentrepresenting the Foundation. The event gathered more than 150 participants and took place between the 4th and 6th of November in Cagliari and was hosted by TDM International.

During the conference, Aleksandra took place in a network meeting of partners within TDM international on behalf of the Foundation. The time spent in Cagliari was a great opportunity to meet representatives of similar NGOs and foundations based around the UK, talk to policy makers, youth workers and volunteers from all around Europe.

We hope to build on these connections and develop youth projects in the near future with our partners from TDM International.