The Voice of Youth, 25-29.09.2020 – Fundacja Instytut Europejski

Polish ukrainian Youth Exchange “The Voice of Youth”,
on-line, 25-29.09.2020.

The ”Voice of Youth” was a project about supporting active citizenship among young people. The project was prepared by both organizations from Poland and Ukraine that cooperated in the identification of its goals, set the schedule and working methods to strengthen active citizenship in Poland and Ukraine. The main goal of the project was to bring about change in the participants, and to bring about a change in the surrounding reality: civic involvement at various levels: local, local, national, political and social. The project aimed to develop civic attitudes among Polish and Ukrainian participants that would encourage young people to be more involved in public life at various levels of activity. 32 people and 4 group supervisors participated in the exchange, which took place on line from 25-29 September 2020.

Our partner in this project was the Ukrainian organization NGO «Non-formal education for youth»


Please read the folder on Youth Participation in Poland and in Ukraine prepared by participants of this on-line youth exchange!

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