Ermioni Bachtse

Ermioni Bachtse

Kadra edukacji dorosłych

Graduated from Geography and Applied Geoinformatics, specializing in a Master of Science degree in Applied Geo-informatics in Natural Environment and Hazards Management.

Originally from the town and municipality of Velventos, which lies at the foot of the Pierian Mountains in Greece, today, living and working as Research and Development (R&D) Manager in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Ermioni used to work as a business consultant- trainer providing professional advice about finance, public relations, and management. She mainly helped unemployed people to find a job and also support migrants to join work and food programs, contributing to their better living conditions.

As a frequent participant and trainer at Europe related events, such as Erasmus+, UNESCO projects, and other programs especially on Human Rights she has been a volunteer member of an association for abused women, providing protection and assistance to women to find a job, a place to live and cure their soul.

Incurably optimistic, Ermioni believes that to learn means not only to tolerate but also to respect the different, regardless of gender, age, color, ethnicity, and destination of life.