News and Views, 7-12.03.2022, Poronin, Poland – Fundacja Instytut Europejski

News and Views, 7-12.03.2022, Poronin, Poland

News and Views was a joint undertaking of seven organizations bringing together young people from Program Countries and Erasmus+ Partner Countries. The subjects were media and media competencies, including the ability to distinguish information (news) from opinions (views), the ability to defend against manipulation, and the ability to form own opinions. The immediate goal of the project was to increase young people’s ability to consciously use the media, analyze and critically think about the information that reaches them, so that they can form their own opinion and be better, responsible, and more involved citizens of their countries. 

Project details

We encourage you to view the photo gallery and short videos developed by the participants. The Youth Exchange was possible thanks to the funding of the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. 

Event videos

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