For the Love of Film, Grotniki, Poland – Fundacja Instytut Europejski

For the Love of Film, Youth Exchange, 10-16.10.2022,
Grotniki / Łódź, Poland

In mid-October, in the Polish film city of Łódź, we hosted young people interested in the art of film from Poland, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, and Greece!
Our main goal was to familiarize young people with the language and film and European film art, as well as to encourage them to discuss the problems of contemporary Europe that are touched by films. We think there is often no time to look for built-in meanings in movies, but we also have no way of confronting our point of view with colleagues, especially from abroad. 
The youth exchange was to enable us to do this, because cinema, like most plays, does not exist in a vacuum, outside of society. Movies are often a conscious reaction to the reality in which we live and require confrontation, discussion, and addressing the audience. European films deal with issues that matter to modern Europeans, such as refugees, emancipation, gender equality, unemployment, personal crises, and changes in society. Recent months have shown that COVID-19 also opened up a whole new chapter of problems. The theme of the Film we have chosen was therefore to be a starting point for a discussion about the problems of Europe and European identity.

Project details

We encourage you to view the photo gallery and short videos developed by the participants. 

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