The Youth Exchange

The main goal of the project was to initiate learning of languages: Polish, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian using the benefits of non-formal education in which participants mainly used cooking tools. Almost every day young people exchanged traditional dishes from one of the countries and spoke the language of the same origin as the dishes. During the project, cooking with Polish, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian they also explored the topic of healthy eating, proper selection of food products to meals, preparing the right proportions of dishes, counting calories and translating pleasure from cooking into a good frame of mind. Their task during the exchange was to develop innovative methods of learning foreign languages using the extremely popular activity that is cooking. In addition, the youth exchange absorbed the multiculturalism of our partners, involving all the senses in this process.

The project was implemented for many reasons. First of all, we are passionate about learning and using foreign languages and using full benefits of all the benefits that this skill brings. We are fascinated with: the multicultural nature of Europe, the possibility of free movement between EU countries without restrictions, learning about different customs, traditions, temperaments and, above all, establishing interpersonal contacts. In order to be able to take full advantage of all the benefits that we give to the EU, we must fulfill one condition. The condition is, of course, the ability to communicate also when we go abroad, and thus knowledge of foreign languages. We have been wondering for a very long time with the help of what tools we can develop this key ability within the Erasmus + program. And finally it dawned on us! The space within which we will learn foreign languages will be cooking! We know that the way we cook expresses our culture, customs, habits, temperament, and the fact that they are so different from each other additionally intensifies our curiosity. Please take your time to watch videos taken during the youth exchange:

Read the cookbook of the ABC of Europe project, which contains recipes for delicious dishes prepared by participants of the youth exchange.
ABC of Europe

full photo report of the event

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